Operational Excellence

Our manufacturing facilities operate in strict compliance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Our sites are inspected and certified by the regulatory agencies across the globe (FDA, EMA, MHRA, ANVISA, ASEAN, etc.). We are also committed to the highest standards for environmental protection and safety.
In addition to the inspections by the regulatory authorities, our facilities are subject to regular inspections from corporate auditors, ensuring a continuous improvement and a high level of current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) awareness. To further encourage a mindset of continuous improvement, Takeda has created a green belt training program for manufacturing employees that includes a 10-day course, written exam and hands-on project.

Elverum, our production site near the Norwegian capital of Oslo, is a good example of operational excellence. In 2009, the site received a company award for optimising production of a fluoride dental rinse that brought material prices per bottle down 31% and reduced labour hours per bottle by 42%. In a separate initiative, a nasal spray production line was reengineered based on direct input from employees and the help of our ‘green belts’ – with a resulting 50% improvement in two key process steps.

Active in contract manufacturing for external customers, our site in Elverum has received several awards for supplier excellence from a well-known pharmaceutical company.


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