Non-Sterile Liquids

Takeda has broad expertise in the production of liquids, whether sterile or non-sterile (e.g. solutions, suspensions, sprays, drops and gels). With our comprehensive technology portfolio, offering specific and niche technologies, our production capabilities for non-sterile liquids range from nutritional and vitamin products to state-of-the-art prescription drugs.
Supply Chain

The production of liquids according to strict regulatory standards demands utmost attention to quality. Our filling process is largely automated, with electronic sensors for constant quality and filling control. In addition, constant visual inspection/surveillance by our laboratories guarantees that only high quality products leave our facilities.

Applications for non-sterile liquids

  • Nasal applications (drops, sprays, rinsing fluids)
  • Eye drops
  • Oral drops
  • Vitamin syrups
  • Ethanolic solutions

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