Whatever you need in the way of solid dosage forms tablets, coated tablets, pellets or capsules you can trust Takeda with your projects and products. Takeda provides both basic and specialized technologies for bulk clinical production, bulk production and packaging.
Solids are the dominant dosage form, with constantly changing requirements. Takeda has invested in the most advanced technologies.

Our technology portfolio for the bulk production of solids

  • Granulation (wet, fluid bed with aqueous and organic solvents)
  • Roller compaction
  • Pellet production (non-pairelles, extrusion, Wurster coating)
  • Tabletting (cores for various tablet types, e.g. bi-layer, micro- or controlled-release tablets)
  • Encapsulation (hard shell)
  • Coating (aqueous, organic, sugar or double-layer coating)
  • Imprinting

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