The manufacturing of steriles is very demanding and requires specialised skills. With our outstanding production facilities and expertise in aseptic processes, we make sure that your products will reach your market quickly and safely.
Whether semi-solids or liquids, Takeda offers a broad range of sterile products in any popular form and based on a variety of ingredients, including biologics. Among our sites we have competence centres for sterile dosage forms that are authorized to handle hazardous goods such as psychotropic substances.

We supply liquid sterile products aseptically filled as well as terminally sterilized. A further competence centre applies its Blow-Fill-Seal technology for filling sterile products.

Our expertise in the niche technologies of sterile powders and sterile suspensions

  • Aseptic spray-drying of sterile powders and aseptic filling into bottles
  • Preparation of sterile suspensions by multi-step dissolution of single compounds, sterile filtration and precipitation under aseptic conditions in a final step.

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