Takeda Announces Establishment of Development Center in China


Osaka, Japan, February 09, 2012—Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) announced today the establishment of the Takeda Shanghai Development Center (“TSDC”) within the Shanghai-based Takeda (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. (“TCH”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda.

This important step reflects Takeda’s strategic commitment to Asia and to China in particular. Takeda is now enhancing its business in China through TCH’s wholly owned subsidiaries, Takeda Pharmaceutical (China) Company Limited in Taizhou (“Takeda China”) which is responsible for marketing and sales, and Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, in Tianjin (“Tianjin Takeda”) which is responsible for manufacturing. Together with Takeda China and Tianjin Takeda, TSDC will help to drive Takeda’s ambitious growth agenda in China and in the broader Asian region.

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